Tucson Joins Phoenix in Banning Photo Radar

The Tucson sector has joined with CamerFRAUD.com to stop photo radar abuse.

“The People” can speak and be heard and mandate that Government start acting on behalf of the people.

Get involved; if you believe Government is out of control, let your voices be heard.


I will be heading up the movement in the Tucson area. Please feel free to contact me and lets stop the abuse.


– Bill Conley


30 Responses to Tucson Joins Phoenix in Banning Photo Radar

  1. RPr says:

    way to go Tuscon!!

  2. Paul Emmert says:

    Lets get the ball rolling to stop this nonsense!

  3. Joe says:

    I have full respect for any police officer who dares to stand against his pushover peers and superiors and stand up for the adherance to our constitution. Bravo Bill.

  4. James Howard says:


    I am in Tucson too, and will be glad to help out. Since my red light ticket, my wife and I have met so many good people who have been trapped in the same way I was. People who drive friendly and have never gotten a ticket before in their life. People who vote.

    James Howard

  5. James Howard says:


    I am in Tucson too, and will be glad to help out. Since my red light ticket, my wife and I have met so many good people who have been trapped in the same way I was. People who drive friendly and have never gotten a ticket before in their life. People who vote.

    James Howard

  6. Paul Emmert says:

    In case anyone missed the Monday edition of the Arizona Daily Star:


    Since this was published, I’ve heard from many of you who share my passion to stop this rip off of law abiding citizens.

    We must stop this, before we all “just get used to it.” This will take power in numbers, and letting our elected representatives know that WE the people have zero tolerance for drive-by taxation.

  7. Bill Conley says:

    Right on Paul! Fight this till the end!

  8. James Howard says:

    I spoke to a clerk at the City Court, and he told me the red light camera at Oracle & River is setting records. It cited almost 9000 people in the first 3 months of operation. A significant portion of those went to people with previously spotless driving records. He said they had one lady in who had never gotten a ticket in 40 years, and got 3 tickets in one week from that signal.

    People who drive carefully and find a ticket in the mail are apt to get upset.

    Since I got my ticket for turning left there, I have met at least 6 other people who also got trapped turning left in the same spot.

  9. billcaz says:


    Thanks for getting that info.
    This is why issuing citations must be left to the discretion of a Police Office, not a camera!

    – Bill

  10. Dennis Keys says:

    We plot the Tucson Police Photo Radar Van locations on an interactive map…daily! It makes it easy to SEE if they will be in your path. This is usually updated each night (around 10 pm) for the next day. So you can get a real “heads-up” as to where they will be.

    Check it out… http://www.intucsonnow.com

  11. Paul Mohr says:

    I’ve been driving for 45 years and have not caused an accident or received a ticket of any kind . . . until November of 08, when I received TWO in one week at Oracle and River Rd. This is how the scam works. In 99.9% of the intersections in Tucson, when all four of your wheels cross the last line of the crosswalk, you are in the intersection . . . not so on Oracle turning onto River. The distance between the last line of the crosswalk and the imaginary line of the intersection on Oracle Rd is 27 feet on the North side of River and 19 feet on the South side of River. Take a look at the back side of your ticket. In the Illustration of the distance between the intersection and the crosswalk . . . THEIR diagram shows this distance to be approx. 1/3 of a car length! This is indeed average for the city, but NOT for Oracle Road at the River Rd intersection. On the South side of Oracle this distance is 19 feet . . . more than a car length, and the North side is 27 feet . . . at least 2 car lengths. Most people think that it is their ‘civic duty’ to clear the intersection when the light turns red, and their car is past the crosswalk because they THINK they are IN THE INTERSECTION. But, on Oracle Road, turning onto River in either direction, you are NOT LEGALLY in the intersection therefore you get your ticket. When the gov uses the exception to define the rule, they are entrapping the public. When the gov defines the intersection with an imaginary line, they are entrapping the public.
    Have to work this Saturday or I would be there for the demonstration.

  12. Paul Mohr says:

    It looks like there are enough of us in Arizona to consider a class action against the Cities and State for damages . . . I’m ready.

  13. Craig Wiedemann says:

    Let me know if you need my help.

    I got trapped at Oracle & River too. I have a court date next month and would like to know if anyone has been successful in getting their tickets thrown out without fines or drivint school attendence.


  14. Dave says:

    WOULD ALL YOU PEOPLE GET REAL AND STOP BREAKING THE LAW. Then you would not have to worry about getting a ticket. people a getting killed out there because they are running red lights and speeding. Please stop trying to make excuses for doing something that you should not be doing in the first place. SIMPLE…!

  15. Bill Conley says:


    We welcome comments from everyone. Even those that are ignorant to the issue at hand.
    You are entitled to your opinion and I would defend your right to say what’s on your mind.
    Thank you for your comments.

    – Bill Conley

  16. Will Rivera says:

    My court date is March 17, 2009. Can anyone out there help. I was tagged in no mans zone – after the red but before the green arrow – to my surprise ticket. I’ve been making that left turn for nearly 20 years, no problems until the camera’s. No oncoming traffic at all! Help.

  17. David Gallagher says:

    Hey wll rivera contact me at meyouyeah@live.com with the type of ticket e.g. law broken

  18. Mary says:

    I have some questions about this law- I think I have found AZ violating their own statutes and would like to know if anyone else has noticed this. Let me know if you are interested.

    have a nice day

  19. Dennis says:

    Hi Bill, I’m retired TPD, contact me….

    Oh, and check out my site, I show, daily, where TPD’s Radar Van along will all the other Photo radar enforcement will be…

  20. DAVE says:

    I have been driving since I was 16 and I am now 55. Never had a speeding ticket till 2 months ago when I was going to Sky Harbor airport. I was changing lanes at Betheny Home under pass and while doing so increased my speed as is normal on an interstate the flash went off and I got nailed. If a real cop was their he would have seen the situation as a normal thing and that I reduced my speed as soon as I got in the lane I was entering. The human factor has been removed. Also they say it is for safety but they have caused accidents, People doing the limit slow to well below and people behind them slam on brakes. Near table Mesa rd a tractor trailor had to hit his brakes because a car infront of him slowed for a mobile speed unit a honda behind the truck swerved and over corrected ending up upside down in the desert. Also I have witnessed the moblie units driving in the excess of 90 mph heading south on I17 near New River and exceeding the 30mph limit in Black Canyon City. Whats next cameras in our living rooms to see if we are smoking pot? Plus they don’t work the cars speed up as soon as the get through the speed zone .

  21. Jerry says:

    Since they have been declared unconstitutional, has anyone thought of having a court injunction initiated to stop these cameras

  22. Jerry says:

    Since they have been declared unconstitutional, has anyone thought of obtaining a court injunction to stop these cameras from being implemented and get them removed?

  23. Joe says:

    I have received 2 tickets from the speed radar. One at the camera on River near Hacienda del Sol and the other at Sunrise just past 1st Ave going east. Both of them I was doing 11 miles per hour over the limit. If it was a regular cop I never would have gotten the tickets. People in this city drive incredibly fast and in a way I’m glad that the cameras slow them down. But if you think about it, it’s only for a short span then they just speed up again! Both my tickets total were almost $500. I recently lost my job and have to make payments on them…it’s horrible. I think that’s an outrageous amount to be fined…for only 11 MPH over the limit. They should at least post a radar so you know how fast you are going. During the day you can’t even see the flash so you have no idea you are getting caught. It’s a huge revenue maker for them but I think since they are getting more tickets, they should at least lower the fines.

  24. James Howard says:

    An odometer tells how far you have gone, a speedometer tells how fast you are going. The locations of those cameras is interesting – I have never, ever seen a crash at either location, and I drive past them daily. I also do not see people driving that fast in either location – either before or after the cameras were installed. I am typically the slow poke – I drive a little under the speed limit, or a little slower. I still cover my face, as radar has been known to record trees going 50 mph before.

  25. Bill Conley says:

    B Ass,

    Don’t you have a job or something?

  26. James Howard says:

    I cover my face, not my eyes. A bandanna wrapped around the mouth and nose works well, and a hat. Or a full motorcycle helmet.

    I am a slow and careful driver – my passengers love to ride with me because they feel really safe. I don’t speed at all – frequently I am going a little slower than the limit.

    Photo enforcement records everyone, not just the ones that violate traffic laws. The cameras read my license plate, and record when I drive by, how fast I was going, and when I am not at home. I hate this. I do not want a private company keeping track of where I am, or when I am not at home. It is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

    My coworker just came back from traffic school, and they told him he needs to avoid red-light camera intersections. The instructor said if the light turns yellow at River and Oracle, you need to stop even if you are past the crosswalk. Then, the camera won’t give you a ticket, but you still run the risk that a policeman will. He came away convinced that the cameras are a scam, so I got his signature on the petition.

  27. Sandra Westdahl says:

    Hi Bill. I’m an UA journalist student who is doing a story about Tucson red light cameras. The story will be aired on a local TV station. I have tried to send e-mails to you and camerafraud but they all came back to me.

    Please contact me I would like to interview you are someone that are against red light cameras.

    Thanks westdahl@email.arizona.edu

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