Gov. Napolitano Estimates 90 MILLION Dollars in Photo Radar Revenues


If there is any doubt where Gov. Janet Napolitano stands on Photo Radar and why she’s deploying Speed Radar across the state, stop wondering.  It’s clear to me that Gov. Janet Napolitano sees “free” money and an easy way to collect it.


According to Gov. Napolitano; she has estimated revenues of 90 MILLION Dollars in just the 1st year! Will it stop there? I don’t think so…If history is any indicator, this is only the beginning.  Government has traditionally abused the people’s trust. It’s just a matter of time and the dependencies of “Photo Radar” revenues will be used for subsidizing Arizona’s budget…..forever!


Clearly Government has an improper motive with respect to Photo Radar. Laws are created to enforce not as a Tax revenue stream.


         Bill Conley


These are some excerpts from the Governors Office;



Janet Napolitano, Governor

Budget Briefing Materials

Fiscal Year 2009

January 18, 2008



In thousands

Highway Photo Radar                        $90,000 (90 MILLION)

TPT Estimated Payment Threshold        $55,000

DOR Auditor/Collectors                       $31,000

Lottery                                                 $10,000

Total Revenue Generation                     $186,000


Highway Photo Radar Enhance photo radar enforcement on the State’s highways and dedicate the resulting revenue to DPS operations.



The Executive Budget



Highway Photo Enforcement. The Executive recommends enhancing photo radar enforcement on the State’s highways and dedicating the resulting revenue to DPS operations. Prompt enactment and implementation of the new highway photo Enforcement legislation would provide an estimated $90 million in the first year to respond to growing needs in the critical areas of border security, criminal investigations

public safety. 


14 Responses to Gov. Napolitano Estimates 90 MILLION Dollars in Photo Radar Revenues

  1. RPr says:

    all they want to do is take your money LOL

  2. Bill Conley says:

    It’s more like Confiscate. To “take” leaves an inference that someone is giving…
    But I understand what you mean brother…

  3. scott4517 says:

    I suggest some congressional committee interrogate Governor Napolitano about her unconstitutional photo-radar tax schemes before her appointment as Secretary of Homeland Security.

  4. Carl Hankwitz says:

    Hawaii was successful in getting rid of the “camera vans” because most of the revenue collected was going out of state rather than supporting the services that are normally supported. So not only were the “vans” taking away jobs … but also revenue for the state of Hawaii and local municipalities.

    This is also happening in Arizona … and the sooner that the state and municipalities wake up to this fact … the sooner we can get rid of these highway robbers and return our hard working police enforcement officers to their jobs.

  5. AzKenpo says:

    I cannot see where this is taking away from Police Officers jobs. What I see is it frees Officers up from sitting on the side of the road running radar and lets them do Police work. I cannot see where you people are coming from with your ideas.
    Bill, I read that you are a Sheriffs Deputy, is that correct ? You of all people should know about the benefit of having Officers out doing Police work instead of sitting on the side of the road running radar. What is the difference between a van sitting there or an Officer ? If you ask me some of you would bitch about it either way.

  6. RPr says:


    the difference is he is a trained peace officer.
    your van drivers are not.

  7. Bill Conley says:

    …that and it’s a simple argument of abuse.

    My argument now and always will be; the cameras have very little to do with safety, its all about money. The state of AZ has an improper motive in placing there cameras up.
    Gov. Napolitano has made it clear, and public, that she’s deploying these cameras to make up for a budget short-coming. Laws are created to enforce, not as a revenue stream.
    I’m fighting this because the government has overstepped its bounds.
    There is nothing you can say or do, that will keep us from moving forward and banning this abuse of government authority.

  8. Bill Conley says:

    AzKempo (AKA dgpjr 777),

    You should also know; that the newly elected Sheriff of Pinal County is against Photo Radar and will remove them from the county.

    Besides, if speeding is such a huge problem that AZ had to deploy hundreds of cameras for “safety” reasons, then that sounds like an excellent argument for a police officer to start enforcing the laws!

  9. dgpjr777 says:

    Again Bill relieve the Officers from sitting on the roadside so they can handle other crimes. I read the comments by your Sheriff- something about a camera not being able to catch a drunk. He is right but they will catch all the speeders the Officer will miss while he attends to someone he has pulled over. Also it would allow him to patrol for the drunks and other criminal activity, right ?
    PS- Yes, Bill its me again not my son so you can loose the name combo on your spy log !

  10. Vihad says:

    Write the ticket issuer and tell them you were not driving the vehicle in question.

    I will tell you the name & address of the person who WAS driving your car. ME. I live outside of the U.S. The ticket issuer will send me threatening letters as long as their letters are not returned, but they will be unable to do more.

    I’ve done this successfully.

    Send me an email if you need my help.

    ad_valorem -at- yahoo -dot- com

  11. […] and lots of it. Former Gov. Janet Napolitano publicly admitted that she wanted to raise over $90 MILLION dollars a year using the system. This takes money out of the local economy and sends it overseas to […]

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