Oracle and River Demonstration

Coming Soon..Demonstration at Oracle and River. If you’re interested in participating please email me. I will announce a date soon..


17 Responses to Oracle and River Demonstration

  1. Paul Emmert says:

    Count me in!

  2. James Howard says:

    I will be there, as long as it is after 2 January.

  3. Matt says:

    I’m glad to see Tucson citizens looking to stay more informed about the photo radar trend. If it helps, my site, offers free services to keep you informed about photo radar. We track the radar vehicles on a daily basis, sending you e-mail alerts the day before, offer filterable maps with the radar vehicles and stationary cameras on them. We currently cover Mesa, Phoenix, Tempe, Tucson and Scottsdale and are continuing to grow.

    Check it out if you’d like to stay better informed.

  4. Bill Conley says:

    That’s awesome Matt!

  5. Martha says:

    Count me in…..Oracle and River intersection is a cash cow for the city but is entrapment and probably illegal.

  6. Dennis Keys says:

    We plot the Tucson Police Photo Radar Van locations on an interactive map…daily! It makes it easy to SEE if they will be in your path. This is usually updated each night (around 10 pm) for the next day. So you can get a real “heads-up” as to where they will be.

    Check it out…

  7. Cheyenne says:

    Count me in!!

  8. AzKenpo says:

    Come on Bill why are you deleting my posts. Your a Deputy with Pinal County, what is the difference between a Patrol car sitting on the side of the road or a camera ? It also does not take Officers off the street, it leaves them the time to do other things that frees them up from sitting and running radar.

  9. Bill Conley says:

    AzKempo (AKA dgpjr 777),
    My argument now and always will be; the cameras have very little to do with safety, its all about money. The state of AZ has an improper motive in placing there cameras up.
    Gov. Napolitano has made it clear, and public, that she’s deploying these cameras to make up for a budget short-coming. Laws are created to enforce, not as a revenue stream.
    I’m fighting this because the government has overstepped its bounds.
    There is nothing you can say or do, that will keep us from moving forward and banning this abuse of government authority. Time will tell, but I will bet the farm, that the people of AZ are behind us…

    P.S., In reference to deleting your post; I have no clue what you’re talking about. Nothing has been deleted. We allow even paid RedFlex employees to make there case..

  10. Kevin Logan says:

    When is the event?

  11. dgpjr777 says:

    Bill, where do you find that that cameras are not enforcing the law. Isn’t speeding a violation of the law in Pinal County? Are you telling me that Pinal County does not receive revenue from the fines people pay when they break the law ?
    I do agree with one thing that you say, I also will not change my mind and I will continue to support the cameras.
    PS-The AKA is not me it was my son using my log in, but he changed the name for when he was using the computer. Glad to see that you are tracking things about the people that are using this site. No different than the cameras, right ?

  12. fthomason says:

    Bill I will be there to, I also recived a mailed ticket for alegedly running this light, I also am going to extreems to fight this one, count me in

  13. Nancy says:

    That trap at Oracle/River is actually making a mockery of the law. It takes advantage of a non standard intersection design (it is a state highway) to put the intersection line 40 feet beyond the stop bar. That distance, coupled by a left turn yellow that is too short, is where 90% of tickets are issued. And there is actually ZERO chance that those drivers, on a protected, lagging left, will ever cause an accident.

    I’m sure ATS saw this right away, and exploited it on purpose.

  14. Bill Conley says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys! Thanks for getting involved!
    Tell 5 friends, the more people we have the better.

  15. Bill B. says:

    I received a ticket from the Wilmot/22nd light. I stopped at the stop line prior to the crosswalk for the red light after main through green. I received a green green arrow for my left turn, by the time I checked both ways and made it to the “intersection line” the light was red. I will fight this. Please any help will be appreciated.

  16. Roy Dunnavant says:

    Good job Bill, glad you’re on it.

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