Pima County Board of Supervisors “Justification” For Photo Radar


Pima County’s Board of Supervisors will be attempting to award a Photo Radar contract during their meeting on January 6, 2009.


Below is the summary, “Justification”.


If the argument for placing these cameras is “safety”, where is it listed? All I see is “estimated annual revenue amount of $1,500,000.00 for Photo Traffic Enforcement Program”

There is nothing in the background information about “Goals” to save live, or any estimated reduction in traffic accidents. Nope, just an estimated annual revenue amount of $1,500,000.00.


So I assume the “Justification” is….$1,500,000.00…not safety…

Get real Pima County..


– Bill Conley




Pima County Board of Supervisors

130 West Congress Street, 11th Floor
Tucson, Arizona 85701

Receptionist – (520) 740-8126
Fax – (520) 884-1152




Requested Board Meeting Date: January 06, 2009



Cooperative Procurement: Award of Contract, Requisition No. 0901135, in the estimated annual revenue amount of $1,500,000.00 for Photo Traffic Enforcement Program to American Traffic Solutions, Inc. (Headquarters at Scottsdale, AZ. Contract is for a one-year term and includes four one-year renewal periods. Funding Source: General Fund. Administering Department(s): Sheriff. 


5 Responses to Pima County Board of Supervisors “Justification” For Photo Radar

  1. Hugs67 says:

    Just verifed with the office of the Pima County Board of Supervisors. 3 members voted FOR the 20 additional cameras – Valadez, Bronson & Elias. Carroll & Day voted against.

    Here is how you can contact the 3 who voted for the additional cameras for Pima County:

    District 1 – Ann Day
    District 2 – Ramon Valadez Email: dist2@pima.gov
    District 3 – Sharon Bronson Email: district3@pima.gov
    District 4 – Ray Carroll
    District 5 – Richard Elias Email: district5@pima.gov

  2. I ME and Myself says:

    There is no law in Arizona stating how many vehicles are allowed or can enter an Intersection whilst waiting for clearance or the Green arrow to show. So long as the front bumper of the car is legaly in the intersection you are not breaking the law. If however the front bumper is not in the intersection and you move your running a red.

    Most people do not understand intersections and how they work, in much the same way they fail to understand the laws they drive by. it is not the drivers fault it is the DMV who fails to publish correct information in their Drivers Manual. It is also wrong that laws are enacted and no one is told until tickets start to be issued. The State is to blame as is the city of Tucson. They complain of being 200 officers under staffed yet yet two officers respond to all calls using two cruisers and equipment! If two officers were assigned to one vehicle, costs would be reduced enabling a recruitment campaign to be funded and new officers to be hired.

    Further the Cameras in place and those to be are only at intersections and locations where the city and county know the person on film lives in a wealthy area or is in a high paying job. Cameras are at;

    Valencia and Old Nogales Highway… to catch Raytheon Workers
    Wilmot and 22nd St to catch East Tucson drivers (middle Class and up)
    Tanque Verde and Kold/Grant to catch Northern Traffic and Tucson Country Club residents again Wealthy or middle class.
    Oracle and River again to catch wealthy and Middle class drivers.

    There aren’t any cameras on Ajo and 4/6/12th, Nor on 22nd and Park/Euclid plus a number of other locations with a record of high accidents and offenders. Why? Simple the people in those areas don’t have any money and would throw the tickets away.

    It will get worse if the citizenry don’t act now!!!!

    Rita Ranch

  3. radarhunter says:

    Thank You. Its everything they don’t tell the public. Our website will have the updated locations on http://www.radarhunter.com by tomorrow. Your input is greatly appretiated.

  4. NO tp 4 Me says:

    DPS SGT Rita Ranch ? kidding right? I thought i was reading something from the mind of an 18 year old…. but a DPS SGT cant be that young… I wonder what laws Rita thinks were enacted when they put up the camera? i have news for RR, running red lights was on the books long ago…..so in Tucson , are you all not allowed to drive outside your neighborhoods…. I lived in that dump ass town for 1.5 years…and I was pretty sure that I could drive even where the rich people were…. maybe rita just doesnt know that yet..ssshhh dont tell her…. maybe she will stay in her trailer park district !!

  5. Everett Gray says:

    These posts are old but I’m new to this game and in a different county. I have been a delivery driver in Maricopa County for over 11 years and watched the cameras go up. I do not have a problem with the cameras but I do have a problem with trickery. I have been trying to find when the cross traffic line was installed as the new boundry for an intersection as apposed to the crosswalk line and can find nothing on this. The law was changed sometime during the installation of these cameras but nothing is listed that I can find. Further, all intersection cameras have been installed where the crosswalk lines are 2 to 8ft. behind the cross traffic lines which are the red lines for triggering the photo radar. No one stops out there. It’s nomans land, as we all know, and this is the trickery part.

    I would like to know if anyone out there has the dates of the law changes and if they did indeed coinside with the installation of the cameras? Further, I’d like to support Rita Ranch, because none of these cameras have been installed in the poorer areas of this county nor have they been installed at intersections where the crosswalk and cross traffic lines match up ( that’s the curb of the cross traffic street even if there are right turns lanes or they are on angles in case you are not aware).

    Yeah, I got my picture taken and I’m fighting mad now but don’t know exactly what to do. Please advise. Thanks, Everett

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