Photo Radar Petition Signature Volunteers Needed


As you all know, we will be submitting the paper work with the State of Arizona tomorrow to Ban Photo Radar!!!!


Watch out Government…the people are about to speak on Banning Photo Radar!


Within a Week I will have petitions in hand to be signed.


If you would like to volunteer, please email me at:

Please place the RE: Heading as “RE: I want to volunteer”

Please email you contact info with a phone number. This information will not be released to anyone.


One note: You must be an Arizona registered voter to volunteer and must be verified.




– Bill



12 Responses to Photo Radar Petition Signature Volunteers Needed

  1. […] – Photo Radar Petition Signature Volunteers Needed Photo Radar Petition Signature Volunteers Needed As you all know, we will be submitting the paper work with the State of Arizona tomorrow to Ban […]

  2. Glyph says:
    Citizen’s Ballot Initiative Press Conference


  3. Cynthia Rosser says:

    I will sign the petition to ban the radar cameras. If the system was a sincere mission to enhance safety in Tucson it would be great. I know that is not the case with the system currently in place in Tucson. It is a revenue finding task filled with excessive costs to the drivers who get caught unnecessarily in situations that are not truly deamed a violation of the laws.

  4. Brad says:

    Go guys! Just wanted to send a message of support from the “other side of the pond”. You guys are great. I’d love to see such a petition in Australia (where I live).

    Our situation, is similar, but even worse. Try a less than 2 mph tolerance for prosecutions on for size!! I kid you not. And, when the revenue drops, they LOWER THE SPEED LIMIT! So we wnet from 35 mph on suburban streets, to 30 mph (with some 25) and now they are planning to make it 18 mph! (I kid you not) And we DO get slapped with demerit points for photo citations!

    Hope you succeed in getting rid of this scourge!

  5. Albert Roca says:

    Absolutely, BAN THIS GARBAGE and vote these asholes out!

  6. dflipper says:

    I used to live in Tucson, so I feel for you all there. Here is an article you might find interesting, not that I would condone such actions. Here is a link to the article. Kids… you gotta love them!

  7. James Pidd says:

    I just volunteered to be a petition circulator. This is a naked grab for your wallet by the state, counties and municipalities. Lets face it, if big brother wants to monitor our every move, we would each get multiple citations on almost every instance we take a trip in our cars. We may change lanes without signaling when no other car is around but create absolutly no hazard by doing so. We may turn safely into the wrong lane while making a right turn but need to make another immediate left into a business. We may go a few miles an hour over the speed limit and not even be aware of it because we are moving with the flow of traffic, not monitoring our speedometers.

    This is absurd and I’m going to fight it. Join us is circulating the petition. Citizens have the right to petition for redress of grievances and this camera enforcement crap has a lot of citizens up in arms.

  8. Mark says:

    Sad to say that I have RedFlex HQ here in my own state. It’s time we come together and start forming petitions against this so we can present the population’s opinion to our representatives in a somewhat diplomatic manner in order to be taken seriously.




  9. Karl Owens says:

    Is it too late? Where can I sign up?

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