Corrupt Process Service in Tucson!


small_billc_heli2Many people do not understand that; by law you must be served by an official Processor Server in order to be officially summoned into court to answer a charge.


The notice sent to you in the mail IS NOT proper service. The court depends on people’s ignorance. DPS has admitted that only 1/3 of the citations issued are paid.


You have the right to be officially served and do have to respond to any mail or phone correspondence. In fact, if you respond, you waive your right to service.


If I were to receive a Photo Radar citation in the mail, I would throw it away and wait for the correct service. I would, of course, risk extra costs.


Keep in mind, once served, you must appear. There is no assumption of guilt if you wait to be served nor can your Drivers license be suspended.


You should also know that individual cities/jurisdictions, subcontract process service to third party companies. These process severs are paid for each services, a formula for corruption.


Now we hear that the City of Tucson is apparently wrapped up in a scam where one of there processor server’s fraudulently indicated to the court that up to 1,000 people were served, when they really weren’t.  


The Tucson Police Department’s official position on Photo Radar cameras is; they help law enforcement. This does nothing but confirm what we have been telling the public from day one; Photo Radar corrupts government!


Photo Radar has nothing to do with law enforcement, it’s about the money. As a Deputy Sheriff, I’m ashamed and refuse to be associated with corrupt government.


This could mean hundreds of people had their driver’s license wrongfully suspended.


**One more note:  If you receive a notice to ID a Driver, you don’t have to!!



I was a little shocked and concerned to hear an offical with the Tucson City court defining “the system works” as “people complaining about not being served”.
It wasn’t the courts that detected the fraud, it was ticketed drivers that had their license suspended, wrongly accused or was ready to go to jail and didn’t understand why!


That’s like having a fire fighter set fire to a building, calling the fire dept to put out and declaring the “System worked”. We in law enforcement call this; arson.


What this process server did is nothing short of Perjury.  I would even consider Misuse of Public record, a class 2 felony. In any case, this spells Zero confidence in the City of Tucson courts system.  


The City should DUMP all citations where Photo Radar was used and any one that had their license wrongly suspended should look into protecting their right with legal action.


Holly cow, is this the best we can expect from our legal system?



– Bill Conley


16 Responses to Corrupt Process Service in Tucson!

  1. Thanks for sharing information Bill . If we find effective results we have to acquire right process because no body wants to process hasty and time consuming process. If services are lenient people easy to make new mistakes and crimes .

  2. Zebra says:

    Just to let folks in Tucson know, the initial days when the city didn’t try to serve people seem to be over. I got my (Oracle/River) ticket early November, and threw it away because it looked like one of those phoney insurance bills. It wasn’t even postmarked from Tucson.

    I was served 10 days after my “deadline” to respond. I am not sure what the exact “extra fee” is, but I’m told it is <$30.

    BTW–the process server came on Sunday night, just like I was warned is their pattern.

  3. PhotoRadarScam says:

    Please update the article so that people know that the only extra costs are having to pay a process server. In the Phoenix area I understand this to be $25. The odds are so good of not being served, it’s a smart $25 wager. And of course, if you fight it and win, you don’t pay anything. I have some ideas for defense posted at that should work for just about anyone with a photo ticket.

  4. RPr says:

    all they want to do is take your money

  5. Candis Byall says:


    Let me know if there are going to be any demonstrations on this matter in Tucson. i would like to be involved.


    C. Byall

  6. Chad says:

    I was one of the people whose tickets were dismissed because of this lying process server. Unfortunately, my licence had already been suspended, and I had to waste a saturday at traffic survival school as a condition to get it back. Also, they also added on a bunch for processing fees, so the ticket went from $260 to $379.00. I had also paid this because they were holding my licence hostage. I wasn’t even in the country when they said I was served. I still dont even know where the alleged offence was or if it was me driving.

    They better get rid of these things before they mess with someone with the financial means to sue their pants off.

  7. Bill Conley says:


    Sue them! Seriously!
    Sue the City, the court, the process server, their mother, dog, cat..anyone and everyone involved.

    Here’s the Process Company’s Name:
    Hawkins and E-Z Messenger Legal Support Providers, LLC
    Statutory Agent:
    Agent Mailing/Physical Address:
    TUCSON, AZ 85701

  8. Doc says:

    Chad- I generally am NOT th’ suing kind. However… in this case, I would think there would be a lawyer just chompin’ @ th’ bit to get his hands on a case like this! Mr. Conley is absolutely, 100% Co-RECT-A-MUNDO!!! Take these thieven’ bastards DOWN, BABY!!! Maybe if a JUDGE, & ALL his cronies gets brought down off of their high horses, back into th’ real world with th’ rest of us, & suffer th’ financial consequences that they’re so willing to dish out to thos of us who actually work every day, That’ll give ’em a little attitude adjustment!

    Good Luck!!!
    Remember…F R E E D O M ! ! !-Doc from Prescott

  9. dgpjr777 says:

    Before everyone listens to the Camerafraud people you better check on things. Scottsdale courts started to allow what they call “Moderate Service” or “Alternate Service” to be done by the Process Server. It was on channel 3 (02-05-09). They only have to try a couple times to serve you and then they can leave it at your door. If you do not show up for court you get your license suspended.
    So if you get your license suspended because you listened to camera fraud, remember SUE !

  10. I'm Back says:

    If that happens, drop it in the mail attached with a note that says, “Improper Service.”

  11. Idiots says:

    Why dont you morons just stop speeding?

  12. Caldwell says:

    Idiots Says
    wrote March 10:
    “Why don’t you *morons* just stop speeding?”

    Huh? First off, I’ve never had as much as a speeding ticket. Second, I’m old enough to know better. And lastly, I value safety and keeping insurance rates as low as possible.

    Before you call folks “morons” (which means stupid or lacking in good judgement) you might want to consider calling yourself one first — with a capital M.

    My husband was NOT speeding, for your information. And he has an excellent driving record. We both do. However, he was mailed a $300 citation for trying to clear the Oracle/River intersection while behind another driver. He was NOT AWARE that he was committing or had committed a driving infraction — not until the mail cometh 25 days LATER! Surprise, surprise!

    The moral of this Tucson story is … don’t risk making left turns in camera zones? Go well beyond the mighty camera’s eye and make a U-turn somewhere else because if you don’t, you will certainly guarantee yourself a $300 ticket. Is this how we want to live our lives? Live in constant fear of breaking laws because city officials are addicted to spending money we don’t have.

    So … *you* like it when city leaders show contempt for constitutional law and look for creative ways to make criminals out of law-abiding citizens by abusing their authority and trust?

    I guess I’ll end up on Napalitano’s terrorist list after this post.

  13. Citizen says:

    The ‘wait’ line is totally misleading to Tucson citizens. First of all, in the driver’s education manual it states that if you have gone beyond the crosswalk then you are in the intersection. Second, theoretically, if you were at the wait line and no cars ever pulled up behind you, the green arrow would never be triggered. The trigger for the green arrow lies behind the crosswalk.

    Besides this 95% of the intersections in this town do not have a wait line. So the general rule has been to pull out in the intersection while waiting to turn left. If you don’t get the green arrow, you still go because you are in the intersection. If they refuse to properly inform the public of different laws at different intersections, then why don’t they just do leading left turn arrows and save everyone the headache…and a lot of money too!!!!!!

  14. We would never do anything like this. Its a shame, but no matter what industry you work in, there are always cowboys who will stoop lower than averyone else and give that industry a bad name. We take pride in our work and someone has to do it, if only everyone else showed the same respect to their trade.

  15. PS: One small point… “You have the right to be officially served and **do** have to respond to any mail or phone correspondence.” …think that was meant to read “Don’t”. In the UK it is a fact that speed cameras actually increase accidents where they are used due to the errattic driving they incite!

  16. victory for safety says:

    i cant help but bust a gut when I imagine people hiding in their houses ( maybe laying behind the sofa) to avoid being served…. how do they ever work in their yards without beaking their necks from looking all around…… ???? i guess maybe they feel that speeding and runnng yellow and red lights while putting others lives in danger is worth living “In Fear Of The Process Server”….. it should be a movie!!!

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