CameraFraud.Com’s latest Hero!


Finally, a Judge with common sense and Follows the Constitution!

Maricopa County justice of the peace, Judge John Keegan, has declared the state’s photo-enforcement law unconstitutional.



Judge Keegan says it runs counter to the U.S. Constitution because it denies equal protection under the law and is also a violation of the state’s Constitution clause on equal privileges and immunities.


The judge estimates he has thrown out from 300 to 400 photo-enforcement tickets since he issued his ruling.


Keegan, whose court is located in Surprise, has jurisdiction over Peoria, Sun City and north Glendale.


The photo-enforcement tickets that come into his court mostly are snapped on Loop 101.


Bye-Bye Loop 101 Photo Radar!


Judge Keegan, you are a hero!


7 Responses to CameraFraud.Com’s latest Hero!

  1. RPr says:

    Judge keegen says anyone who contests a photo radar ticket in his court will have it dismissed.

  2. fishbert says:

    It seems that his problem is that photo radar tickets have a different fine than a ticket for the same infraction written by an officer — the officer-written one is about double.

  3. dgpjr777 says:

    Things will change just wait and see. Bill I have a question for you. How is it that you and the Sheriff can associate with a convicted Felon ? Isn’t that against department policy? Just curious if Pinal County has different standards for their Officers.

  4. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    this “justice if the peace” ( to call him a judge would be a slap in the face to all judges) is the poster child for making it mandatory that a jp have atleast a law degree!!! with this judge they should have asked for a high school diploma!!!

  5. Richard says:

    To the Law A. Bidingcitizen who says the jp should not be classified in the same category as a judge because he does not have the degrees and schooling that a judge has…if this is the case then why doesn’t the judge see how fraudulent photo radar is because of it being unconstitutional and throw the cases out of his court, or maybe the jp is smarter!!!

  6. NO tp 4 Me says:

    because it is obvious that the cameras are not in violation to the constitution…. or is every judge in the nation that has PR in its jurisdiction just blind to justice? pr never gets overturned by the courts, just citizens !! that will change should this ever hit the ballot in arizona …which it will not !!

    thanks for responding 2 months later !!!

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