Petition Collection Meeting

February 17, 2009

Action Alert!


We need people to collect petition signatures. If you are interested, we will be meeting at the Nanini Branch Library on Shannon Rd on March 5th @ 6:00PM in the Library conference room.


You must be a registered voter in the State of Arizona and attend a 30 min training session.


Nanini Branch Library

7300 N. Shannon Rd

Tucson, AZ



Please RSVP via Email:



Join us now…! Stop the insanity! Say No to Photo Radar. Get involved and take back your government!


Gov. Jan Brewer moving towards removing Photo Radar from Arizona.

February 7, 2009


 Gov. Jan Brewer is moving towards removing Photo Radar from Arizona.

Even after Janet Napolitano leaves this state, her mess still lingers. Gov. Brewer sees Photo Radar for what is really is; a money making machine and a clear abuse of Government powers.


Napolitano pushed photo enforcement speed laws as a safety issue to reduce accidents.


Napolitano admitted she set up the Photo Enforcement laws in a way designed to get people to pay the $165 tickets without question.


“That’s not why we do things like that,” Brewer said. “It’s not to generate revenue.”

“I hate it”, Gov. Jan Brewer said, referencing Photo Radar.


“I certainly don’t support photo radar as a revenue-generating solution to solving our budget,” Brewer said. “And I believe that’s what it initially was put in (the budget) for.”, she told the Arizona Daily Star.


The contract Napolitano signed with Redflex requires the company to pay for installing both the fixed sites, with pavement sensors and cameras, and the mobile units. In exchange, Redflex gets up to $28.75 for each paid citation plus rental fee for each camera system installed.


The value of that contract was listed at $20 million in the budget; Napolitano had said the state could pick up another $90 million in profits.


The contract does allow the State of Arizona to cancel. But it requires the state to reimburse Redflex for its costs, estimated at $250,000 for each fixed site and $150,000 for each mobile van. (Thanks Janet!)

Now the Tucson Police Department and City Government is spewing the same talking points; “it’s a safety issue”. This after showing the traffic light timing at Oracle and River has been shortened and live streaming video to being transmitted of every one traveling in that intersection…GET REAL TPD! This is about money!


Now here the real scary part! For years Napolitano has made excuse after excuse on why she could not protect the citizens of Arizona from illegal alien criminals. Police officers have been killed in the line of duty, innocent people killed in traffic accidents, home invasions in the Tucson up significantly,  Mexican gangs dressing up as Police officers to commit crimes in Phoenix, Arizona is number 1 in vehicle theft in the nation; all because Napolitano refused to do the only constitutional mandate she had…protect the citizens of this state.


Her excuse; “It’s a federal Problem”…guess what; She now in charge of Homeland Security. The “Federal Problem” is now hers.  Now the rest of the country will see Napolitano’s incompetence.

Janet Napolitano will go down as the worst Governor in Arizona’s history. She has left a big mess for Gov. Jan Brewer to deal with.   The damage she has cause will be apparent for years to come.


I can’t believe this ding-bat was elected Governor…twice!


Ms. Napolitano; Please feel free never to visit Arizona again, we now have strong leadership in Gov. Jan Brewer.

Gov. Jan Brewer joins two other leaders in this state; Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Maricopa Judge John Keegan.


As a citizen, I’m discussed and fed up with incompetent government. As a Police officer, it makes me sick to see our laws and citizens abused.


There’s really only one way to resolve these issues; get involved! Contact your representatives, hold them accountable, let them know you what better Government, and finally; don’t vote for these people!

– Bill Conley