Gov. Jan Brewer moving towards removing Photo Radar from Arizona.


 Gov. Jan Brewer is moving towards removing Photo Radar from Arizona.

Even after Janet Napolitano leaves this state, her mess still lingers. Gov. Brewer sees Photo Radar for what is really is; a money making machine and a clear abuse of Government powers.


Napolitano pushed photo enforcement speed laws as a safety issue to reduce accidents.


Napolitano admitted she set up the Photo Enforcement laws in a way designed to get people to pay the $165 tickets without question.


“That’s not why we do things like that,” Brewer said. “It’s not to generate revenue.”

“I hate it”, Gov. Jan Brewer said, referencing Photo Radar.


“I certainly don’t support photo radar as a revenue-generating solution to solving our budget,” Brewer said. “And I believe that’s what it initially was put in (the budget) for.”, she told the Arizona Daily Star.


The contract Napolitano signed with Redflex requires the company to pay for installing both the fixed sites, with pavement sensors and cameras, and the mobile units. In exchange, Redflex gets up to $28.75 for each paid citation plus rental fee for each camera system installed.


The value of that contract was listed at $20 million in the budget; Napolitano had said the state could pick up another $90 million in profits.


The contract does allow the State of Arizona to cancel. But it requires the state to reimburse Redflex for its costs, estimated at $250,000 for each fixed site and $150,000 for each mobile van. (Thanks Janet!)

Now the Tucson Police Department and City Government is spewing the same talking points; “it’s a safety issue”. This after showing the traffic light timing at Oracle and River has been shortened and live streaming video to being transmitted of every one traveling in that intersection…GET REAL TPD! This is about money!


Now here the real scary part! For years Napolitano has made excuse after excuse on why she could not protect the citizens of Arizona from illegal alien criminals. Police officers have been killed in the line of duty, innocent people killed in traffic accidents, home invasions in the Tucson up significantly,  Mexican gangs dressing up as Police officers to commit crimes in Phoenix, Arizona is number 1 in vehicle theft in the nation; all because Napolitano refused to do the only constitutional mandate she had…protect the citizens of this state.


Her excuse; “It’s a federal Problem”…guess what; She now in charge of Homeland Security. The “Federal Problem” is now hers.  Now the rest of the country will see Napolitano’s incompetence.

Janet Napolitano will go down as the worst Governor in Arizona’s history. She has left a big mess for Gov. Jan Brewer to deal with.   The damage she has cause will be apparent for years to come.


I can’t believe this ding-bat was elected Governor…twice!


Ms. Napolitano; Please feel free never to visit Arizona again, we now have strong leadership in Gov. Jan Brewer.

Gov. Jan Brewer joins two other leaders in this state; Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and Maricopa Judge John Keegan.


As a citizen, I’m discussed and fed up with incompetent government. As a Police officer, it makes me sick to see our laws and citizens abused.


There’s really only one way to resolve these issues; get involved! Contact your representatives, hold them accountable, let them know you what better Government, and finally; don’t vote for these people!

– Bill Conley












31 Responses to Gov. Jan Brewer moving towards removing Photo Radar from Arizona.

  1. RPr says:

    Damn it Janet! LOL

  2. fishbert says:

    I’m not sure what the diatribe on border policy has to do with photo radar in the state of Arizona, but this does nothing to strengthen the cause, only alienate those who disagree over a completely separate issue.

  3. fishbert says:

    now, about the issue at hand… Brewer’s opposition to photo radar does not prevent counties or cities from entering into their own contract with Redflex or some similar entity.

    A step in the right direction, but there’s still work to be done.

  4. Bill Conley says:


    It shows Napolitano’s complete incompetence!
    ..and the huge mess she left Arizona in..

  5. ShowLowTom says:

    Here’s a link to a video showing that the yellow turn light on Tanque Verde and Kolb roads lasts only 2.8 seconds This is less than the minimum 3 seconds from the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and FAR less than the 4 seconds recommended by an Engineer on the FHWA’s Operations Knowledge Forum.

  6. Zebra says:

    ATS is way ahead of us on this issue. I posed that question to Dion, the Tucson traffic engineer who is “authorizing” the short yellows and non-standard striping at the camera lights.

    She defended the timing by explaining that the 3 second minimum is only for STRAIGHT THROUGH yellow. There is a short paragraph in the MUTCD to the effect that left turners are assumed to be going slower, so the calculations don’t apply.

    Of course, that is why intersections like those on Tanque Verde and on Oracle were chosen. In Dion’s defense, she inherited this problem from Nassi, a big ATS patsy. He signed off on these intersections, and then promptly retired.

  7. ShowLowTom says:

    So Dion thinks 3 seconds is too long? What ISN’T too short? 2 seconds, 1/2 second? What is the objective standard on which decisions are based? Under a completely arbitrary approach to setting time limits, what is being solved for, safety or revenue generation?

  8. fishbert says:

    so, all we need now is for someone to die in that intersection and have the family sue the city for millions… I wonder if they’ve accounted for that in the budget.

  9. Zebra says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% against the cameras. But TDOT’s response will be that 3.2 seconds is the standard yellow all over the city, and they want to keep it consistent so drivers “know what to expect.’

    And making it short has virtually no ramifications. Think about it. Entering the intersection ‘late’ on a lagging, protected left turn, esp when there is a 1 second “all red” phase, is the least likely scenario to EVER cause an accident.

  10. fishbert says:

    The first commenter on that story has it dead-on: “safety or revenue?”

  11. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    SAFETY!!! and we thank those that cant slow down and that cant resist running that yellow for their contributions to the state coffers!!! and for those that think you can just toss the ticket… be aware that not all municipalities in this state are letting them go!!!! of course it will be your heart that drops out of your shorts next time the lights come on behind you and you really would like to know if that ticket really did fall off the books!!!! guess you will find out when the officer emerges from his care and is headed your way!!!!

    good luck!!

  12. TucsonTom says:

    I got one of these chickens**t citations and I was a long way from what any common sense definition would call “running a red light.” The video shows that (1) the yellow arrow lasts less than 3 seconds, which is way too short and (2) the front bumper of my car is already in the intersection judged by the normal crosswalk lines on the pavement and (3) I was already past the light nearest me when the flash went off and (4) there are extra lines on the intersection that I never saw when I took driver’s education, no doubt added to facilitate the red light camera. It’s clearly a trap, no matter how you look at it. I’ve been driving for 45 years, I’ve never had an accident, and this is my first red light violation. Have I suddenly become a wanton lawbreaker and a danger to others? Give me a break you smug, self-righteous s.o.b.!

    People like LAB will gladly accept Big Brother incrementally increasing control until it’s too late. Keep in mind, LAB, that each year the federal government alone adds over 170,000 pages of new laws, rules, and regulations. If you really think you are “law abiding”, you’re kidding yourself. And when Big Brother starts using all of his wiretaps, cameras, email and cell phone conversation filters, postal mail drops, etc. to keep tabs on YOU, you may find that America is no longer recognizable as the Land of the Free.

  13. Zebra says:

    This guy (LAB) was trolling the main camerafraud site for a while, but seems to have quit. I think he was banned.

    Lots of posts on several anti-camera sites, so figure he is a camera employee. But he may just be a lonely guy.

    Whatever the case, he tries really hard to get flame wars going, and he’s not very clever, so it’s all fun.

  14. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    so bill … you are quick to critisize the former gov. what would you have done to secure the borders? oh and keep in mind… not put the state in a hole of debt that we could never climb out of!!!

  15. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    zebra- you dont get to the site very much do you…. i was accused for days about being a camera employee.. finally someone who helps run the site verified that i was not posting from redflex or ats .. nope i am at home in gilbert!!! funny that is the only thing that you guys can come up with when you encounter someone that has the time to dispute what is being written at the mother ship!!!

    tom- did you run it on yellow…. yes or no… very simple!!!! and you did… so take responsibility for your actions!!!! i am just glad that you know there are consequences and maybe next time you will not endanger someone elses life cause you think there is somewhere important for you to be!!! more important than taking someones life!!!!

  16. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    and yes i was banned from the mother ship!! and for doing nothing more than was done to me!!! they did not like the fact that they could not recruit me and then as i exposed their lies and mistruths that really pissed them off… not to mention how exposed the low turnout for their group get togethers that have been very disappointing!!!!

  17. TucsonTom says:

    tom- did you run it on yellow…. yes or no… very simple!!!! and you did…
    How do you know I did LAB? Were you there? Did you see the video? Have you seen calibration data on the camera? Are the new lines on the intersection legal? Are they in the right place? Have I had a trial by a jury of my peers? Am I not innocent until proven guilty? Are there not laws regarding how a person is served notice of violation? Does the new system comply with or violate these laws?

    This issue has nothing to do with endangering anyone’s life. It’s more like an issue of whether a basket is a 3-pointer because the HD instant replay shows that their toe is or isn’t on the line. If we start paying more attention to the lines and the timing of the lights than the pedestrian and vehicular traffic, we’re less safe, not more safe. There’s data that shows that these cameras create an increase of 15% in rear end collisions, is that safety to you LAB? Have you considered the fact that maybe you are wrong and the people posting here are right? Or is that too much of a leap?

    By the way, LAB, the demented rant of your last message is very useful in helping us determine what sort of fruitcake you really are. In fact, this will be my last response to you. I don’t need to waste any additional keystrokes.

  18. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    tt- you forget to mention the reduction in fatalities at those lights!! the one thing i dont care about it stats… on either side of the fence… cause for every “fact” you throw out… i can throw out one to dispute yours and vice versa!!!! and yes… it is about endangering lives !!! WHY DO YOU THINK THAT RED LIGHTS CAMERAS WERE THE FIRST TO BE INSTALLED?
    i am the fruitcake!!! but you are the one questioning everything BUT the existence if god for your failure to stop on yellow!!!
    no i dont have anything you mentioned… just the fact that you got the ticket convinces me…. and then of course the way you are acting now just seals the deal… you see my 9 year old acts like that when she gets caught and trys to defend her actions!!!!

    its your right not to reply to me…. but we just got to know each other!!! usually it takes a few days and a few posts to decide you dont like me!!! my guess is that you will not carry through with your threat!! oh and please dont do what DOC does from the mother ship… you see he replies to me but not directly… kind of the coward way…. i will let you take it back if you want !! i wont hold you to it!!!

    please note bill that i did not start this little tear that tt went on… i just asked him a question!! and he called me a fruitcake!!! thats not way to welcom someone… is it?

  19. Zebra says:

    LAB was banned from the main site. For name calling and personal attacks. They may let him back because he is so much fun.

    For the record. There hasn’t been a fatality at Oracle/River in at least the last 5 years. So how do you reduce zero?

    PS: These are kept by the folks who are pushing the cameras. And I know of at least one accident on 1/17/09 that isn’t in here yet because I drove by it.

  20. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    again…. fair is fair… i only retaliated as i was attacked!!!! yet i was the sacrificial lamb!!! thats fine…. their site is suffering a slow death… i posted all the time and many tuned in to see if i had posted!!!!

    for the record zebra… i dont think they are going to let me back in!!! pt barnum does not even have the guts to return my emails!!!! matt did but he is just a tool!!!!

  21. Bill Conley says:


    Where the heck are you getting your Stats? Pinal county proved the camers increased accidents. That’s why they were removed.

    What would I do to secure the borders…more photo radar of course…

  22. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    did i quote any stats!!?? nope.. pretty sure i did not… i was pointing out the fact that t-tom threw out a stat but left another out…. of course bill… if you have one that proves what you wrote… please!!! share it with the rest of the class!!! you understand if i dont just arbitrarily believe what you say!!! the guys from the mother ship are experts in writing something that just is not true!!!

  23. TucsonTom says:

    If we’re playing the statistics game, here’s a link for you,

    here is a link for you.
    It lists 5 studies that prove that red light cameras increase accidents. However, as, LAB says, he’s really not into statistics. Too factual, I guess.

    I think it’s time we all ignore what’s his name and return the discussion to what we can do about it. Are any of you aware of the City Photo Radar Information in Phoenix, AZ. They say that unless you are properly served a citation that you can legally ignore the letter sent via first-class mail.

  24. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    “in fact this will be my last response to you. I dont need to waste any additional keystrokes”…. TT on 3-7-09

    thats ok TT… dont feel bad…. and i will not rub your nose in it!!

    why is it.. that you all seen to think that i am deflecting the topic at hand? the entire web site is dedicated to one principle!!!! banning photo radar… so any content about photo radar is ON TOPIC!!!!

    and again.. let me state,, that anyone who decides to ignore the ticket… beware as you drive … you probably do not know with certainty that your license is not suspended!! play with fire…. your gonna get burned !!!

  25. Law A. Bidingcitizen says:

    i dont deny that in some areas rear end collisions have increased…. but that is all part of behavior modification.. the longer the lights are up and people become aware of their presence … people become aware!!! why are the cameras to blame for peoples behavior?

    if we set an officer up at every intersection that there is a camera …. and the rear end collisions increase…. do we remove the cop?

    lets see the study done within 3 months of a camera being installed and then one done 1 year later…

  26. Paul Emmert says:

    As promised, I’ve posted the audio of my court hearing, which took place on March 4, 2009. It runs an hour, so sit back, relax, take good notes.

    Follow the link provided at

  27. Zebra says:


    That isn’t a court hearing. The word ‘Court’ suggests a level of legitimacy, and ‘Hearing’ implies that you are being heard.

  28. Paul Merritt says:

    Just wanted to say that I agree wish Fishbert, above: your reactionary views vis a vis border policy have nothing to do with traffic safety. Why include them?

  29. Charles says:

    Paul, you are awesome! You would think you were a lawyer. I think you have a very good case and reason. The fact that pictures are golden in our state is bull, you are very right about the speed, camera knows your speed when you came to the intersection, it does not know before hand. This is a game of timing, you need to be a machine to determand wether or not you are going to make the line before or after the red light. 11 feet? Come on. And he making the calculation that you’re speed at 30 would put you back further? He was feeding the judge math crap to be confusing and make it sound like you traped yourself. Going faster does not make the light change any sooner. If these officers get hit with the same kind of tickets and had to fight what you just did I don’t think they would defend the state/city so much or so hard. But the fact that they get off any tickets they recieve from these’s camera’s they have no idea how inhuman they are. They have no feelings, no judgement, the have an “eye” that snaps if it see’s a car near that line when the yellow light starts to go out. Good Job anyways.


  30. TheAmateur says:

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