Petition Collection Meeting

April 28, 2009

Action Alert!

We need people to collect petition signatures. If you are interested, we will be meeting at the Nanini Branch Library on Shannon Rd on Thur, April , 30th @ 6:00PM in the Library conference room.
You must be a registered voter in the State of Arizona and attend a 30 min training session.

We will be collecting signed petitions and hanging out more petitions. Please make sure your petitions are notarized.

Nanini Branch Library
7300 N. Shannon Rd
Tucson, AZ

Please RSVP via Email:

Join us now…! Stop the insanity! Say No to Photo Radar.  Get involved and take back your government!


Shooting of Redflex Driver – Terrible Tragedy

April 21, 2009

We can all agree to disagree on issues like Photo-Radar but one thing we can all agree on is this is no way to protest a matter!  red_flex11

This was a senseless murder of a father, husband, and friend to others.  


The shooting death of Mr. Georgianni is a terrible tragedy and we hope for swift justice for the family.

Our most sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Doug Georgianni’s family, friends and co-workers in this horrible and senseless tragedy.

May god comfort Mr. Georgianni family.

– The Conley family

Action Alert! Coming Soon – Demonstration of the new Pima County Photo Radar System “TEST”.

April 10, 2009

As we all have heard for the last several months, Pima County has installed several photo radar systems as a “TEST”.

We all know that “test” will mean, expand the system for “safety”.  There has already been talk of expanding the system to issue citations outside speed and red light violations. Violations such as registration, cracked windshields, no seatbelt, cell phone, malfunctioning vehicle lights, etc.


Pima County Sheriff, Clarence W. Dupnik, pushed the board of Supervisors to approve the cameras.
Be heard! Get involved! Call your representative and let them know how you feel, this includes Sheriff Dupnik. He should show the same leadership Pinal County’s Sheriff, Paul Babeu showed and ban photo radar in Pima County.

Stay tuned for the location, date and time…

We will be collecting Petition Signatures during the Demonstration.





(520) 351-4600

The Pima County board of supervisors, on a vote of 3 to 2, voted to approve the photo radar system.





Sharon Bronson, District 3
(520) 740-8051





Ramón Valadez, District 2
(520) 740-8126






Richard Elías, Chairman, District 5
(520) 740-8126


Join us now…! Stop the insanity! Say No to Photo Radar. Get involved and take back your government! Don’t tolerate the Photo-Radar Abuse., the leading activism group promoting the elimination of photo enforcement, will be taking the fight directly to the City of Tucson. If you’re interested in participating please email me.