Shooting of Redflex Driver – Terrible Tragedy

We can all agree to disagree on issues like Photo-Radar but one thing we can all agree on is this is no way to protest a matter!  red_flex11

This was a senseless murder of a father, husband, and friend to others.  


The shooting death of Mr. Georgianni is a terrible tragedy and we hope for swift justice for the family.

Our most sincere thoughts and prayers go out to Doug Georgianni’s family, friends and co-workers in this horrible and senseless tragedy.

May god comfort Mr. Georgianni family.

– The Conley family


5 Responses to Shooting of Redflex Driver – Terrible Tragedy

  1. James Howard says:

    I agree Bill. This was no way to protest.

  2. Zebra says:

    This made me stop and wonder why they have someone sitting in these vans. Isn’t the whole thing supposed to be automated using high tech, infallible equipment?

    Is it just to guard the equipment?

    PS: Bill–I am going to “Defensive Driver School” next week. Can I get a petition? I live on the NW side, and can come pick it up if needed.

  3. geotucson says:

    This is in no way ok! That man was just doing his job. Violence should never be the answer to any problems, except self defense as a last resort.
    That being said, this is the kind of thing that happens when a free people begin to see a totalitarian regime taking away their precious freedoms. These camaras represent a commuist leaning government, working unchecked to squelch freedom. Local,state,and especially federal government agencies are increasingly working against we the people. Peaceful protest yes! Murder or other violence NO!
    Again, in no way do I condone or support the murder of this man or any other innocents.

  4. Well put geotucson. I agree with your viewpoint but you must understand that I can relate to the reason why this man would murder the photo-radar man. These cameras are destroying many peoples lives. People are dying in car wrecks from them too. I once enjoyed living somewhat peacefully knowing that I could come and go in privacy. Now that this no longer is true I’ve become homebound largely. I am mortified by seeing these cameras. It makes me feel Big Brother is boasting arrogance and laughs at the thought of a free people living in peace. You see the wars around the world directed at innocents, what the government does to our environment and food supply. It is no doubt I am correct in assuming the government acts as a force of hate against its own citizens and to other peoples around the world.

  5. Ryan says:

    At the very least these cameras should be shut off at night so people do not get night blindness from the flash. In addition, people suddenly slow down in traffic and it causes traffic jams, as well as rear end collisions. I am a liberal but this is a situation where I agree with the conservatives. This is big government at its worst. Some say “it puts cops back in the street where they belong”. Do you honestly believe that! They downsize the police force because they don’t need them anymore! Cops are losing their jobs and we are losing our freedom. Its a lose-lose situation.

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